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Upollo works across many devices, servers and integrations. This section covers each in detail, to help you make the most of Upollo to grow your business.

  • Client Libraries: Interact with Upollo from your client applications. Build up a picture of users as you track events, generate assessments for decision making, and more.
  • Server Libraries: Interact with Upollo from your servers. Close the decision loop by verifying client generated tokens, track additional events, and more.
  • Webhooks: Get callbacks to your server when users are flagged, regardless of where the event triggering the flag was reported from.
  • Assessment Flags: The different flags Upollo returns indicating the type of behaviour the user may be engaged in.
  • Event Types: Details on all the possible event types that can be sent to Upollo.
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Upollo empowers teams to learn more about their users so they can expand, retain, convert and upsell effectively.

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