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Analysing and Converting Users

Upollo integrates with your application and the tools you use to analyse your users giving you the information to grow, whether that's to convert users from a trial to paid or to upgrade to a family plan.

Upollo analyses events from your application, analytics platform and your payment system.

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Converting users who repeat trials

When a new user is signing up or starting a trial, use the Upollo client API to analyse whether they have had one before. Upollo detects users that have already had a trial using a different email address, username or phone number. If they have, you can change your offer; instead of giving them another free trial, consider offering a discount on your paid plan. By doing so, you stop the continual free cycle of free trials and gain a happy paying customer.

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For more see API Quick Start or turning repeated trials into growth.

Converting users who share accounts or passwords

If users pay for access or you have seat based pricing, people are most likely sharing accounts to avoid paying. With the Upollo client API, you can detect account sharing in real time and encourage the users to upgrade. To do this, you would call our API when users login and periodically throughout your application. When you detect account sharing, you can show the user a message showing that you have noticed the behaviour and encourage them to upgrade, remind them of the benefits and offer a discount. By doing this, you gain an extra happy paying customer.

You could also send an email to the account owner warning them of the possible security risk.

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For more see API Quick Start or turning repeated trials into growth.

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Upollo empowers teams to learn more about their users so they can expand, retain, convert and upsell effectively.

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