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Upollo Documentation

Upollo can be used to turn repeat signups and account sharers into growth. Documentation is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started

Follow the guides below to connect to Upollo and start sending events.

  • Quick Start: Let's get you growing in a few short steps. Find multi-accounting and account sharing present in your product. The quick start covers how to sign up, track events, and view results through the Dashboard.
  • Connect Segment: Connect Upollo to Segment for tracking existing events with no code changes.
  • Install via Google Tag Manager: Use Google Tag Manager to install Upollo into your Website with no code changes.
  • Connect billing provider: A guide for how to connect Upollo to billing providers to improve analysis of users and conversions.
  • Overview: analysing and converting users: Gives an overview of how Upollo gets data to perform analysis and how you then use the assessment to grow by converting users.

How-to Guides

Ready for more growth? Canonical uses of Upollo are presented in the following coded guides.


Upollo works across many devices, servers and integrations. This section covers each in detail, to help you make the most of Upollo to grow your business.

  • Client Libraries: Interact with Upollo from your client applications. Build up a picture of users as you track events, generate assessments for decision making, and more.
  • Server Libraries: Interact with Upollo from your servers. Close the decision loop by verifying client generated tokens, track additional events, and more.
  • Webhooks: Get callbacks to your server when users are flagged, regardless of where the event triggering the flag was reported from.
  • Assessment Flags: The different flags Upollo returns indicating the type of behaviour the user may be engaged in.
  • Event Types: Details on all the possible event types that can be sent to Upollo.

Examples on GitHub

To illustrate the use of our APIs, we've created standalone examples available on GitHub.

  • Handling registration and login on client and server: an end-to-end example showing how to use Upollo's client and server APIs to validate registrations and logins, distinguish genuine users from users attempting repeated free trials or sharing accounts, and then gracefully upsell where appropriate.
  • checkEmail API demo: Uses Upollo's checkEmail API in a React web app to validate email addresses, as well as return information about the address, such as email providers and data on the company the email belongs to (if it is a company email).
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Upollo empowers teams to learn more about their users so they can expand, retain, convert and upsell effectively.

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