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Install via Google Tag Manager

If your app already has Google Tag Manager installed you can use it to quickly install Upollo to analyze users.


  • You must have Google Tag Manager installed.
  • Be identifying your users by using one of the following common integrations:
    • Google Analytics with gtag("set", "client_id", "u_123")
    • Intercom with the window.intercomSettings user fields user_id and email.

If you dont see an integration you use please let us know or consider using our Native Web Library.


  1. Login to Google Tag Manager
  2. In "Tags" click "New"
  3. Set a name like "Upollo Script"
  4. In the "Tag Configuration" select "Custom HTML" and paste the script tag from Install Quick
  5. "Triggering" select "All Pages"
  6. Save, Submit and Publish your changes
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